Rooftop bars in Budapest

Spring and summer in Europe are truly the most magical seasons of the year. The weather gets warmer, days get longer, people seem to be happier and sitting outside becomes inevitable. About a year ago I wrote one of my first posts on this blog about rooftop bars in Vienna and, even though I always wanted to, I haven’t written one about rooftop bars in Budapest ever since. And so, here it is, it  couldn’t wait any longer, plus the idea gave me an excuse to visit them all over again to provide you with the best tips possible when deciding to visit a rooftop bar in Budapest.

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Even though there are quite a few places with a view to get a drink in Budapest, my favorite rooftop bars include the following: 360 Bar , High Note SkybarIntermezzo Roof Terrace.

High Note Skybar

Located on top of the Aria Hotel facing the gorgeous St.Stephen’s Basilica this rooftop bar is a perfect place to chill out a little after spending some time exploring the ins and outs of the city center or just to get a drink after a long day at work. Reservations during the busiest evening hours in summer are necessary especially if you want to get the best seats overlooking the church from the highest spot possible. In that case, you’ll have to do it weeks in advance.




With or without a reservation, wherever you end up seated you’ll have a panoramic view of the most beautiful attractions the city has to offer. Even though I find this place a little too pricey for Budapest’s standards I do think it’s worth a visit for its stunning location and delicious cocktails.

Address: Budapest, Hercegprímás u. 5, 1051




360 bar

Situated on the famous Andrássy Avenue, which is home to the Opera, the House of Terror and a great number of world-famous designer brands the 360 bar, to my opinion,  is also a must-see among the avenue’s popular sights.

Out of all these amazing rooftop bars in Budapest this is my personal favorite. When you enter the building you’ll have to take the first elevator to the right, which will take you all the way up to the bar. There’s no need to cross any corridors or take some more stairs up, the moment the elevator door opens you’re right in the middle of this gorgeous bar.



Even though reservations must be made 2 weeks in advance the area on the 8th floor of the building is real spacious and so if you just want to give it a spontaneous visit there’s no need to worry about much. You can walk and hang around wherever you find some space. Plus if you’re lucky and fast enough you might not need much time to find a seat either if somebody decides to leave.




I doubt that you’ll mind it either way, even if you don’t get seated you’ll get to see the most magical 360-view of the city with basically all of its attractions. I know it sounds corny but please do not miss the sunset once you are there and have a delicious drink in your hand, you will not regret it. 🙂

Address: Budapest, Andrássy út 39, 1061

DSC06965 - Copy

Intermezzo Roof Terrace

Last but not least I’d like to include the Intermezzo Roof Terrace in here, another spectacular rooftop bar in Budapest located on top of the Hotel President. Formerly used as a helipad this roof terrace today serves as a summertime hotspot for drinking and dining with a view.  Overlooking the breathtaking building of the Hungarian State Treasury  with the Parliament in the background, the Buda Castle, and the St.Stephens Basilica on the other side and many more of the popular sights, this bar truly has a perfect location.

Address: Budapest, Hold u. 3, 1054









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